Bayern star Joshua Kimmich sustained a serious injury in the top match against Borussia Dortmund. Now for the first time, the defensive ace speaks of fears he developed from his failure.

For the first time since knee surgery, national player Joshua Kimmich gave an insight into his mental life, which was shaped by the serious injury. “My knee felt worthless. … I was worried that I would wake up and my knee is still stiff. Then there was the fear of the surgery itself,” said Kimmich in the magazine’s special “Annual Review”. “Star”.

The 25-year-old reported that it “certainly played a role” that it was his first intervention. Moreover, it was previously unclear what exactly would happen during the operation. “Better and healthier” would have been to “screw,” said Kimmich, “but I’d be out for four to five months.” But no sewing was possible, so part of the meniscus was removed and he came away with a six-week break.

Kimmich returned to training after an injury

Kimmich is already training with the ball and will return in January. “I immediately had the feeling: my knee is coming back on”, he said, “the relief was great.”

For the injury the Bayern professional sustained in the top match at Borussia Dortmund (3-2 victory for the record champion) in early November, “I felt invulnerable”, Kimmich reported. Through additional training, he had acquired “a certain armor” that gave him the confidence, “Nothing can happen.” Kimmich stressed that he was convinced that this armor “would protect him in the future too.”

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