A metal monolith raises questions not only in the US and Romania, but also in Hesse. Once discovered, strangers destroyed the statue. The column was also last demolished in Utah.

The recently discovered monolith in the Taunus community of Sulzbach is history again. Unknown destroyed the three-meter column on Tuesday night, a community spokesman reported. “The yard workers have collected the debris so there is no danger to pedestrians,” he said on Wednesday.

In any case, the column shouldn’t stop, as the community previously announced. The monolith discovered on Saturday had already been erected by strangers after it fell. There are now indications that someone may have acted on Tuesday evening to avert a potential danger, the spokesman said.

It is still unclear who placed the pillar

After several mysterious stelae were found around the world, the discovery of the monolith in Sulzbach caused a sensation. In photos, he stood on the edge of a field and a large shopping center. At first it remained unclear who had put the column there and for what reason and whether there was a connection with the other stelae.

Since there is no evidence of the column’s origins, it is not believed to have any claims from possible owners, the community spokesperson said Wednesday. In this regard, the case is closed.

First a monolith appeared in the US state of Utah, and recently a number of steles were discovered all over the world, for example on the British Isle of Wight, in a nature reserve in the north of the Netherlands or in the small Spanish town of Ayllón some 90 kilometers northwest of Madrid. One in Romania had also been reported.

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