Leipzig (dpa) – Julian Nagelsmann looked deeply relaxed and was already mild Christmas a few days before the festival.

Despite the actually frustrating zero number against 1. FC Köln, the coach of Bundesliga football club RB Leipzig praised his pros and was optimistic about the big annual final in Augsburg. “The boys wanted it, but the mental freshness was not 100 percent in all stages. It should be there on Tuesday, because we have to continue in the cup and try to deliver a very good game,” said the 33-year-old. .

Although his players urgently need a break in three months after 20 games, they should not lack motivation. After all, they owe it to the FCA that they could not go on a Christmas holiday after the match against Cologne. Augsburg had spoken out against postponing the cup match to the new year.

In terms of game, there is really only one thing that RB has to do better on Tuesday (6.30 p.m. / Sky) in Augsburg than on Saturday against Cologne. The exploitation of opportunities was underground, Angeliño (33rd / 36th minute), Kevin Kampl (66th) and Willi Orban (72nd) should have decided the game against defensively negligent and offensive innocent Cologne. “In the end we had plenty of chances to score and decide the game. Cologne did well, but they had no plan, no idea,” said Orban.

Despite all the self-criticism in Leipzig, Nagelsmann did not have to say many words. Nevertheless, he warned that the opportunities were being exploited. “We are one of the teams with the most goals, but we use the chances in the bottom third. It’s not the same,” said the coach. You have to work on that. “However, I don’t know when, because we hardly have any training.” Most recently he was able to train well in the summer.

However, the tight schedule is also proof that RB has played another very good year. After the successes of the summer, the Saxons made it back to the last sixteen in the Champions League, and at Christmas they are only two points behind league-leader Bayern Munich. “We played very well over long periods of the first half of the season and got a lot of good results. We would have liked to win the last home game, but the bottom line is that we can be satisfied,” said Orban.

This “excellent year” should come to a conciliatory end in Augsburg on Tuesday. The cup experience in Augsburg was great recently. In April 2019, Leipzig won the quarter-finals after extra time and later advanced to the final. That should also be the goal in this busy season.

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