Vice President Mike Pence has announced the names of members of the newly formed US Space Force. The members of this newly formed branch of the United States Armed Forces will be known as the Protector. Pence announced on Friday, the first anniversary of the force. This force was formed as one of the principles declared by Donald Trump. This information came from a report by the British Media Guardian. Space Force members as Guardians

US President Donald Trump’s administration has announced the formation of a space force as space threats from Russia and China increase. The American Space Command was formed under the Integrated War Command.

After the official naming of the force on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence stated, “I am honored to announce on behalf of the President of the United States that members of the US Air Force will be known as guardians.” The nation will be protected from generation to generation.

In a tweet, the space force said that the opportunity to get the name of the force is an important responsibility. Guardians have a long history of carrying out space activities. The name is a carrier of proud tradition and culture.

The United States is about to sign an agreement in 1987 against the deployment of weapons of mass destruction in space. According to the agreement, activities in space can only be carried out for peaceful purposes.

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