National coach Löw: “Then we will attack well”

Basel (AP) – Questions to national coach Joachim Löw in the digital press conference after the 1-1 draw of the national football team in the Nations League in Switzerland.

Question: 1: 1 against Spain, 1: 1 against Switzerland. How do you classify the new draw?

Answer: Both games were full of light and shadow, with good approximations, but of course both games had flaws too. We were very good at the game from the start. What is really annoying is that with our good chances after the 1-0 win, we did not reward ourselves with scoring the second goal. That was the problem in both games. If you don’t take the opportunity, and that’s our problem, you’ll be punished.

Question: What worked well?

Answer: Which was good in the first half, we attacked early, took risks, played hand to hand. In the second half we made technical mistakes, lost balls and didn’t come to a conclusion that consistently. The players who were there gave everything for that time. Everyone is willing to win both games, they gave everything. Some of the players weren’t there, they’ll be back in October, and we’ll win our first Nations League matches.

Question: How do you use the four week break until the next games?

Answer: I can do something. Of course we want to have games. The most important thing now is to get in touch with the other players who are returning from vacation. We will review the games and think about what we can do in October. There are three games, that doesn’t make it any easier. We will probably have to nominate a big squad. You have to divide and divide, then we have to see how we prepare. We still have to think about this.

Question: You played man to man. What are you striving for?

Answer: We’ve never done it like this. We took a higher risk than the Spaniards or the Swiss, because we all played hand to man up to half of the opponent. You can’t prevent the opponents from combining, but I wanted to do it now, right in these games. We haven’t always done it in either game, but we’ve done it really well relatively often. The problem was that we missed the second goal, which sometimes continues. We have to work on that.

Question: Is the team too calm on the field?

Answer: It works better when a team is together longer, and if it is the case that the players who are there longer when they are on the field, then it is also slightly different in terms of communication. I went into that today too. Some were brand new so you can’t ask for that. It’s like maturity and personality. When you coach each other, it gives you energy, it gives life to the team, it helps. Some are a bit careful. We must improve there too.

Question: How do you intend to do this?

Answer: If all players are back in October, it will be better, it will be louder, also during training. There are already players who take responsibility for coaching. Some still have to grow in it. This is a problem that we will have to tackle more intensively in the coming weeks.

Question: What is your conclusion after both games and what do you expect from the team in October?

Answer: The feelings are mixed. Of course you want to win the games. I have already learned some good things. I saw that the players were willing to make things happen. But we don’t do it longer than 90 minutes, I almost expected that. Some things went well, but there were stages when it wasn’t done – and then we ran into trouble.

Question: Where do you get hope?

Answer: Of course we will compete with a full band in October and November. And then we move on to the issues. Now it was clear to me that after three or four training sessions I would not be able to stay in control for 90 minutes. It was a very special week where you didn’t know who was where. You had to see they don’t have the rhythm, it will be better in October, maybe November. Then we will attack correctly.

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