Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – According to national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, support for women’s football at the German football association can still be improved.

“There are of course issues that need to be worked on. We are not satisfied with the marketing and media presence; we would also like more media to report about us regularly and be shown live on TV at prime time,” 52-Years old in an interview with “Kicker”. “All topics are present. We never get tired of positioning ourselves. But not as a speaker, but in direct conversation with respect.”

Voss-Tecklenburg said her contract, which expires next summer, will be extended to at least the European Championship, which has been postponed to summer 2022, “I assume it’s very strong.” “Good things take time. We had different priorities this year,” she said. “We are in good talks, I am confident that we will be able to report something soon.”

Voss-Tecklenburg criticized the DFB’s public treatment. “Of course we know we have big challenges in German football,” she said. “But I currently feel that no matter what the DFB does, it is criticized anyway.” The positive is always taken for granted, continues Voss-Tecklenburg. “I miss the balance and the relationship.”

After the men’s 6-0 draw in the Nations League against Spain in mid-November, the DFB was partly sharply criticized for the subsequent processing of the debacle and the adherence of national coach Joachim Löw.

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