Tallinn (dpa) – At the end of an equally unusual and successful week of international matches for Corona, the German handball players said goodbye to everyday Bundesliga life full of uncertainty.

“You feel like the whole thing can be frozen overnight. he describes the uncertain emotional situation. across the industry.

More than nine weeks before the start of the World Cup, the XXL event in Egypt is hardly present in the minds of the national players. “You don’t know what to expect at the World Cup, and you don’t even think about what it might look like in January. Now we’re playing in the Bundesliga for two months,” said Kühn.

National coach Alfred Gislason has the title fights on the Nile in the back of his mind. “There was a lot of important information that I could gather. And it was very important that I could see the young players in action. We still have a lot of construction sites, but there is not enough time,” said the 61-year-old Icelander.

The DHB selection will not meet again until the new year. After the two European Championship qualifying matches with Austria at the beginning of January, they will go straight to the final in Egypt. “We don’t have any more test matches”, the national coach complained. Gislason, who took over from the hapless Christian Prokop in February and had to wait eight months for his international debut for Germany due to the Corona crisis, can hardly leave his handwriting behind.

Still, Gislason doesn’t want to complain. “Of course no one is happy that everything happens in a bubble. It was all difficult, but the positives dominate,” he said. Kühn saw it that way, who stood out against Estonia with nine goals. “It was a special week under these conditions and not easy, but we were able to work professionally and received a lot of input from Alfred,” said the MT Melsungen defender. However, he did not want to discuss slight motivation problems: “Of course we want to play for spectators again, but that is not possible at the moment. At the moment it is not as fun as usual.”

At the World Cup, in addition to playful and tactical elements, mentality will also be the most important factor. Because in times of the coronavirus pandemic, it is clearly difficult for the players to focus on the sport. “The focus was little on handball. We only thought about getting through healthy,” admitted Hendrik Pekeler after the victorious European Championship qualifying matches against Bosnia-Herzegovina and Estonia and praised the association: “The DHB has done everything to make it happen. to make sure we got through the week without infection. “

Brine, however, did not escape completely unharmed in Estonia. A deep cut that needed to be sewn during play graced his left cheek. The 29-year-old father humorously recorded the visible injury: “Scars tell stories. If this scar is my Covid story, I am satisfied.”

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