Nations League – Corona cases: Czech Republic scraps game against Scotland

Bratislava (dpa) – Due to two corona cases in the supervisory team, the Czech national football team has provisionally canceled its further participation in the Nations League.

Michal Jurman, spokesman for the Czech Football Association, told CTK news agency in Bratislava that the team could not play for the home game against Scotland scheduled for Monday.

The joint preparation would be canceled immediately and the players would be sent home separately from Slovakia. It wasn’t until Friday-evening that the Czech team won 3-1 against Slovakia in Bratislava. The Czech association will do everything in its power to ensure that UEFA does not consider the absence of a match against Scotland a defeat, Jurman said. In addition to a time shift, a replacement team can also be considered. The match has not yet been canceled on the schedule of the European Football Association.

All players had been tested for Covid-19 with negative results, the spokesman said. Still, there are fears that the virus will spread if the team stays together. The second positive Corona case with a supervisor only came about after testing in Bratislava for the game against Slovakia. The Slovak hosts allowed the team to compete because all of the players’ tests were negative.

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