Nations League – Löw: Ghost game “not what you want as a coach”

Stuttgart (AP) – National coach Joachim Löw also regretted the empty stands in the World Cup arena in Stuttgart shortly before the kick-off of the international match against Spain.

“I was sitting on the couch and thought: what a shame on a wonderful football evening”, said Löw before the first game of the new season in the Nations League. “Germany against Spain are always incredibly interesting duels.” The fact that because of the corona pandemic there must be played without fans is “not what you want as a coach or player”.

In the empty corner of the stadium, a poster read: “We will stay in good times as well as in difficult”, followed by a huge “loyal” in black capital letters above the white seats in the stands.

For the national team, the game ends with the longest international break since 1950.289 days ago there was a 6-1 victory against Northern Ireland in the European Championship qualifying. Due to the corona pandemic, the first international match of 2020 will take place without a spectator.

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