Navalny plans to return to Russia

Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny wants to return to his native Russia. After being poisoned, he is still in the Charité in Berlin. However, for him there is no question of exile in Germany.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny plans to fly back to Russia soon. After awakening from an artificial coma after poisoning, he spoke to a German prosecutor about his next project. Navalny gradually recovers from the effects of the poison. He is now fully conscious.

A security officer told the New York Times, “He is fully aware of his condition, he is fully aware of what happened and he is fully aware of where he is.” Navalny is still under surveillance around the clock to ensure his safety. But he would like to return to Russia soon to continue “his mission” as an opposition leader, the official said: “He has no plans to go into exile in Germany. He wants to return home to Russia and continue his mission.”

Novichok has been proven

France and Sweden had previously announced in two independent studies that the neurotoxin Novichok had actually been found in Nawalny’s body. They thereby confirmed the results of the German doctors. This is now another sign that Russia may have had something to do with the poisoning. However, the country denies any debt. Instead, Navalny was said to be more likely to have a drug overdose or low blood sugar.

The strong neurotoxin warrior novichok was developed in the Soviet Union and used at least once before in an attempted murder by Russian intelligence officials. If Russia had been involved in this affair now, it would have violated the agreed chemical weapons treaty.

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