NBA players strike against police brutality – Trump criticizes protest

The protest in American sports against racism and police brutality has reached several sports in addition to the NBA. Donald Trump recently criticized the approach – and has now followed up.

US President Donald Trump has again criticized the strike of basketball professionals in protest against police brutality and racism. What they did with this NBA political move will destroy basketball, Trump told journalists aboard the presidential plane, Air Force One.

People didn’t want to be confronted with politics when they watch sports. “It’s very bad for the NBA,” Trump said. In view of the shooting in the back of a reportedly unarmed black on Sunday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, basketball players of the professional league boycotted the NBA’s playoff games, canceling all games on three days last week.

The play-offs will continue on Saturday

The association and the players association have now agreed that the play-offs will continue on Saturday. In his nomination speech at the Republicans’ party convention on Thursday, Trump accused the National Basketball Association (NBA) of becoming “like a political organization.”

Thousands of people demonstrated in Washington on Friday against racism and police brutality. They gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial, where exactly 57 years ago black civil rights activist Martin Luther King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Speakers included a son of Martin Luther King and a video recording of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

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