The Supreme Court of Nevada State has rejected a petition filed by US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party to block the counting of votes. The request was made to demand an opportunity to observe the election process in an area called Clark County. However, each of the seven judges of the court has signed an order dismissing it. This information came from the report of the British Media Guardian.

Trump and the Republican Party alleged that Clark County officials under the City of Las Vegas failed to defend requests for verification of large numbers of mail-in ballots or postal ballot signatures. In that argument, they went to court with a request to stop counting until the election was over.

However, Nevada Supreme Court judges unanimously rejected the request to stop the counting. But Trump’s campaign camp and state set a new date to quickly present his case to the Republican Party. The court has fixed the date for next Monday to hear the arguments of the defendants.

A judge ordered 30 polling stations in Clark County to be open for additional hours. Instructions were issued following complaints from Trump’s campaign camp that the centers were opened an hour late.

Since 2004, no Republican presidential candidate has won in Nevada. Nevertheless, this time it became a battleground or a flowing kingdom. Trump has been there to eliminate the possibility of Biden. Around 40,000 people took their ballots by 1 pm local time on election day.

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