Prime Minister Narendra Modi has demanded that India’s newly introduced agricultural laws increase the income of farmers. He said that the law, introduced a few months ago, would reduce the gap between agriculture and other related sectors, create new markets for farmers and benefit them from new technologies and investments. He made the remarks at the 93rd annual conference of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Saturday. This information came from the broadcast media NDTV report.Narendra Modi
Hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers are protesting against three new agricultural laws introduced by the Government of India. Indian Home Minister Amit Shah held direct talks on Tuesday (December 6) evening to hold talks with agitating farmers. However, no solution has been found so far. Farmer leaders remained adamant as the government did not agree to repeal the three controversial laws. As a result, on Wednesday (December 9), the meeting of farmer leaders with the ministers of the Modi government was canceled.
To reassure agitating farmers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday, “As one sector continues to grow, its impact can be seen in some other areas.” But imagine what will happen when there are unnecessary disruptions between industries. No industry will grow as expected. ‘
Referring to the controversial Agriculture Act introduced in September, Narendra Modi said, “Agriculture and other related sectors such as agricultural infrastructure, food processing and storage are facing various obstacles. Now these barriers have been removed. These reforms will give farmers access to new markets, technology and investment. And the farmers of my country will benefit the most from all this. ‘
Narendra Modi said that at this time the Indian economy needs to bridge between each other and not the barriers between different industries, so that they can help each other.
To increase investment in rural and small cities of India, Narendra Modi said that the 21st century will develop from these areas. “Unfortunately, the private sector is not giving enough importance to agriculture so far,” he said.
Narendra Modi said that farmers can now sell their produce anywhere. These measures aim to increase the income of farmers.
It should be noted that the Modi government recently changed the Agriculture Act to allow corporate farming and buying as many crops from farmers as they want. Corporations will also be able to tell farmers what to do with advance funds. The views of the peasants would, in consequence, harm their interests. They would eventually become slaves to the corporation. This will benefit big companies. In a few years, their monopoly on agriculture will be established.

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