The 13th showroom of local clothes called ‘Vogue by Prince’ started its journey in Komila with the slogan ‘Desh ke Desh Ke Paisa’. Haji AKM Bahauddin Bahar, Member of Parliament and President of the Metropolitan Awami League, inaugurated the showroom in Badurtla area of ​​the city on Tuesday (December 15) evening. Also, he urged the people of the country to use local products to create national consciousness.

Special guests on the occasion were RTV director Feroz Alam Tipu, Vogue managing director Prince Wasim Aktar, general secretary of Awakened Manav Tehseen Bahar Sochana, music composer Anki Alamgir. Shravanya Tohida was present on the occasion.

A 40 percent discount has been given to the general public at the inauguration. There is a collection of outdoor clothing for boys Punjabi, T-shirts, pants, shoes and girls bags, jewelery, three-pieces.

Shakeel ibn Sultan, head of marketing for Entrepreneur Pay Company, said that the company started its journey in 2016 to keep money in the country by preventing foreign products from entering the market with its own domestic products. Meanwhile, 13 branches including 10 branches in Dhaka have received a total response from the general public.

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