Despite the state of emergency, supporters of rival political parties have clashed in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek. Former President Almazbek Atambayev’s car was shot during a protest rally on Friday. The British media BBC reported this.

Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet republic, is embroiled in political instability over parliamentary election results. Kyrgyzstan election officials have canceled the results of parliamentary elections amid widespread opposition. In addition to being locked in a clash with the police at night, protesters demanding a new election in Parliament House on several stages.

Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov resigned on Tuesday after the results were announced by the Election Commission. On the same day, protesters released opposition leader Sadir Jhaprak from jail. Just hours after his release, he took over as acting Prime Minister.

On Friday, President Saronbe Zinbakov declared a state of emergency. It is effective from 8 pm local time on Friday and will continue until October 21. In addition, curfews and strict military restrictions have been imposed. Through this, those who would come to the capital and be controlled.

The President’s order would allow the military to set up security checkpoints in Bishkek, deploy troops and use military equipment.

On Friday, there were clashes between supporters of leaders who wanted to become the new Prime Minister. Although Kubatbek Boronov has resigned as prime minister, protesters are still struggling to figure out who will be the next prime minister. Each group wants their leaders to take power.

On Friday, President Jinbeck said he would resign when MPs would form a valid cabinet and rule of law would be established. A section of MPs are supporting former MP Sadir Zaparov. 35 MPs have declared him the new Prime Minister. Opposition groups called for the PM to resign.

Former President Almazbek Atambayev has also been released from prison. He is supported by supporters of former Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov. Babanov was nominated as Prime Minister on Friday by four parties.

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