Cezary Kucharski, the star’s longtime adviser, will soon have to answer in a Polish court. Now a newspaper reports on the threats against the Bayern professional.

New details have become known in the blackmail case of FC Bayern star striker Robert Lewandowski. As the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita reports, the police allegedly confiscated voice messages in the possession of the defendant Cezary Kucharski. The former advisor to Europe’s reigning Footballer of the Year was released after his arrest on payment of a million euros bail. He was prohibited by a court from contacting Lewandowski and / or his wife Anna.

Kucharski would threaten Lewandowski in the seized audio files, Rzeczpospolita writes. He and his image will suffer, the 48-year-old said. Kucharski’s “Peace Prize” is said to be EUR 20 million. Lewandowski is said to have reacted coolly to the attempt to blackmail and replied that his ex-agent could expect “zero euros, zero zloty” from him.

Kucharski allegedly tried to blackmail Lewandowski with revelations about alleged tax evasion. In September, the “Spiegel” published these allegations in an article.

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