Photos of the US president with his wife from last week are currently feeding the rumor mill. The claim: Donald Trump was traveling with a double. Was it Melania Trump or not?

Does the US First Lady, Melania Trump, use a body double to avoid public appearances? Under the hashtag #FakeMelania, some Twitter users are currently heating up the rumor mill. It is about photos showing that the US president and his wife got into a helicopter in Washington last Thursday. The presidential couple left that day for a televised campaign debate in Nashville, Tennessee. In the photos, Melania Trump is smiling at the camera next to her husband.

But some Twitter users are now claiming that Donald Trump hired a double for the press. They explained their distrust, among other things, by the fact that Melania Trump smiles a lot more than usual in the photos.The first lady is usually known for her serious expression. Many users also pointed out that the woman’s teeth looked completely different in the photos. Her nose is also much pointed.

Many people on the net were outraged by the president’s alleged “audacity” to shamelessly put a doppelganger in front of them. The Republicans would need the First Lady to be present at the election rallies to do justice to the image of the good first lady, an observer rhymed on the net. That’s why a doppelganger has to travel with the president. Other Twitter users scoffed with photo montages that the photos clearly showed a body double.

Melania Trump mainly remains in the background

There were rumors in the past that the first lady had hired a double to perform. In 2017, a video of an official speech by the president went viral, causing many people to question whether it was the first lady. There is also plenty of speculation about marriage – for Donald Trump it is the third. They are fueled by innocuous reports of separate bedrooms, as well as serious allegations of alleged affairs and assaults against Donald Trump from before he entered the White House.

Trump has vehemently denied reports of this so far. Most recently, in a tweet last year, he accused the media of altering photos of his wife’s appearance and spreading false rumors.

In the election campaign, however, the First Lady appeared far less often than other members of the Trump family who are working hard to get the president re-elected. Two weeks before the election, she canceled her participation in a short-term Donald Trump performance – a precautionary measure due to coughing, as her spokeswoman said.

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