New record for most infections in one day in Corona

The World Health Organization (WHO) says a record number of new coronavirus cases have been identified in the world on Sunday. In 24 hours, a total of 3 lakh 8 thousand 930 people have been infected in the world; It is the most frequent one-day infection since the pandemic began last December.

At 11:30 am Bangladesh time on Monday, Tolly of Johns Hopkins University showed the total number of infected people as 296.98 million 406 people worldwide.

According to Reuters, citing data from the World Health Organization website, the highest number of patients were identified on Sunday in India, the United States and Brazil. India has identified 94,382 new patients on this day. In the United States, 45,523 patients have been identified and Brazil has 43,618.

A total of 5,536 people died worldwide on Sunday. The total number of deaths has reached 9 lakh 22 thousand 835 people. More than a thousand patients died on Sunday in both the United States and India and 84 in Brazil.

According to WHO records, the most patients were identified on 6 September in a single day. On that day, 3 lakh 8 thousand 756 people were infected. The highest deaths in the world were recorded on 17 April, 12 thousand 430 people died in a single day.

India is now the most patient identifying country in the world. The country also keeps a record of most cases identified on a single day since the epidemic began. On Saturday, 97,560 new patients were identified there.

The United States tops the list of identified patients in the world with over 6.5 million patients. In India, which ranks second, the number of identified patients is more than 46 lakh 54 thousand. Brazil ranks third, with more than 4.3 million patients.

Reuters analysis says the number of new victims in the United States and Brazil is decreasing. But the number is increasing in 57 countries around the world, including Argentina, Indonesia, Morocco, Spain and Ukraine.

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