Scientists have discovered a new species of whale off the coast of Mexico in search of a rare species of whale. He is believed to have been discovered at the residence.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Wednesday that oceanographers were planning to return to San Benito Island, Mexico next year due to unexpected receipts. Suddenly new species of whale were seen there.

On 18 November, scientists from the Shepherd Conservation Society traveled to the island to search for a rare species of perine whale. This type of whale has never been seen alive before. This can only be seen when the body of a whale has died due to natural disaster or some other reason.

Of course, the whale was not found again. However, what he got. Jay Barlow is very happy. In his words, “We have seen something new.” Something similar was not expected to happen in the region. Something that does not match others in physical or movement posture. The existence of such a whale was not known.

New species of whales have beaks. They are smaller in size than other whales. The arrangement of teeth is also different.

Scientists have extracted water from the region off the coast of Mexico. They hope that by testing that water, new species of whales can be found in loose shell DNA. Source: DW

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