The US has announced new restrictions on 18 Iranian banks and financial institutions. On Thursday (October 8), US Treasury Secretary Steven Manucheh announced a ban on Iran. He claims that the sanctions are intended to prevent Iran from illegally collecting dollars. He also warned that sanctions would remain in force until Iran’s nuclear program was withdrawn. This information came from the Iranian Media Person Today report. It is feared that Iran’s entire financial system will be paralyzed.

After withdrawing from the nuclear deal, the US government has made every effort to prevent Iran from importing any goods. The United States has previously banned Iranian banks. But this time, by implementing a second round of sanctions, they also blocked the way in which Iranian banks used small opportunities to import essential commodities in a different way.

Observers say the new US sanctions on 17 Iranian banks and financial institutions would cut all direct access to Iranian banks to the international financial system. Iranian people will suffer more from this. Although claimed by President Trump, restrictions have been imposed on all areas except humanitarian issues. But as a result of the new sanctions, Iran will not be able to import any goods, including drugs and other essential goods. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif has said that the United States is trying to seize the remaining opportunities for Iranian food imports and corona treatment by imposing new restrictions on banks.

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