Berlin (dpa) – According to a media report, Hertha BSC has received the next million-dollar deposit from investor Lars Windhorst. As the newspaper “Bild” reported, another 20 million euros would have gone to the Berlin Bundesliga club.

Hertha BSC and Tennor Holding van Windhorst declined to comment on this. In November, there were discussions about allegedly delayed transfers. According to Hertha, a new payment plan was agreed with the investor at the time.

Within the current financial year, the agreed amount of 150 million euros must flow from Windhorst by the end of June 2021. Originally, EUR 50 million had to be transferred by July 2020 and a further EUR 100 million in October 2020. Last year, the Bundesliga club received 224 million euros from its investor. In exchange for all his payments, Windhorst receives a 66.6 percent share in Hertha BSC GmbH & Co. KGaA.

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