Neymar makes racial accusations against opponents

Paris (AP) – Neymar’s turbulent return to the squad of Champions League finalist Paris Saint-Germain: The Brazilian superstar was thrown off the field after his hiatus over a corona infestation with a red card for attacking his opponent Alvaro Gonzalez.

He subsequently made allegations of racism against the Spaniard. According to AFP news agency, he had already complained to the referee about Gonzalez during the match of coach Thomas Tuchel’s team against Olympique Marseille. Several times he said “racism, no” and pointed to Gonzalez.

At the end of the game, Neymar was one of five players who had to leave the field prematurely due to a tangible argument. Neymar hit the Spaniard in the back of the head. When he left the field, he said, “Look at the racism. That’s why I hit him.” After the game, he tweeted that he regretted not punching the “idiot” in the face. Paris also lost the second game of the French Championship – 0-1. Neymar (28) did not return to PSG training until Friday. Like other teammates, he was infected with the corona virus.

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