In the United Kingdom, far-right politician Nigel Faraj is campaigning for US President Donald Trump. On Wednesday, Faraj campaigned with Trump in Arizona, known as the ‘Battleground’ or ‘oscillating’ state. “Donald Trump is the most lively and brave person I’ve ever met,” he said in a speech.

Nigel Faraj said, “I had the opportunity to come to America four years ago. The 2016 public opinion polls hit Trump hard. He proved all predictions wrong. He never forgave her for that incident.

Nigel Faraj said that he has been trying for four years to snatch his legitimacy as President. Russia has heard the story of deception. Have lied for four years. Tried to bring impeachment. In such a situation most people will give up. I am Donald Trump, the most vibrant and brave man ever.

British politician, Nigel Faraj, came to negotiate with Britain a strong campaign to leave the European Union or Brexit. Their politics is also based on opposition to the European Union. The leader of the anti-immigration UK Independence Party or UKIP has been accused of waging a “Nazi campaign” on the Brexit issue. Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Ferfstadt has openly stated that Faraj used “Nazi propaganda” in his campaign.

In the opinion poll, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is slightly ahead of Trump. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s running mate, campaigned in the same state on Wednesday.

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