The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of over 300 students after the attack on a Nigerian school. AFP reported that group leader Abubakar Sheku claimed responsibility for the attack in a voice message on Tuesday.

On Friday night at local time, automatic gunmen attacked motorcycles at a government science secondary school in Kankra district of Katsina province in northwestern Nigeria. Several students, on the scene, fled into the nearby forests built by the police. However, more than three hundred students are missing.

The Nigerian Police, Air Force and Army on Saturday launched a joint operation to rescue the missing students. Relatives of the missing students, including parents, gathered outside the school on Sunday. He called the authorities to bring the students back safely. “If the government does not help us, we have no power to save our children,” Murja Mohammed, a father whose son was missing at the time.

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Sheku on Tuesday sent a voice message acknowledging the responsibility of kidnapping the students. He pleaded guilty to kidnapping students from Catsina. In 2014, the group kidnapped hundreds of students from the Nigerian city of Chibuk.

The robbers were initially blamed locally for the incident after the school was attacked. These bandits operating in the area regularly kidnap to seek ransom.

The Nigerian Army said on Monday that the location of the gunmen had been identified and the rescue operation was on.

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