Donald Trump claims that he feels fit again a few days after admission to a clinic. He’s pushing back into the election campaign. But his challenger Joe Biden offers the prospect of cancellation.

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The TV debate with US President Donald Trump scheduled for next week should be canceled from the perspective of his challenger Joe Biden if Trump has not overcome his Covid-19 illness by then. The second opposition debate is scheduled for October 15. “I think if he still has Covid, we shouldn’t have a debate,” Biden said on Tuesday after a campaign appearance.

In any case, the Democratic presidential candidate in Hagerstown, Maryland, stressed that “very strict guidelines” must be followed. “Too many people are infected.” You have to listen to what doctors say. He is still preparing for a debate, “but I just hope that all the rules are respected”.

Trump announced his Covid 19 diagnosis last Friday. He and Biden were on stage earlier on Tuesday at the first of three scheduled TV debates. It’s unclear whether Trump could have been contagious at this point: The White House and his personal physician Sean Conley have declined to provide information about when the president last had a negative coronavirus test.

Biden wants to conquer the ‘forces of darkness’

Earlier, Biden had made a speech at the site of the Gettysburg Civil War battle in the state of Pennsylvania: If he won the election, he wanted to overcome the divisions of the country caused by the “powers of darkness,” the Democrat said. Biden said in a speech on Tuesday that he wanted to work as president to end “hatred and fear” in the United States

“The forces of darkness, the forces of division, the forces of yesterday are pulling us apart, holding us tight and holding us back,” said Biden near the site of former President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 when he was a military man. cemetery opened. had given the famous Gettysburg speech.

“We cannot and will not allow extremists and white supremacists to overthrow Lincoln’s America and (the black opponents of slavery) Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass,” Biden said in the speech in which he made no mention of President Donald Trump. The US must remain a country of “refuge and home” for all people, regardless of background.

Biden: US has reached a “dangerous” point

Biden said he was concerned about the current state of the country. The US has reached a “dangerous” point, the ex-vice president said, noting the waning confidence and hopes of many people.

Politics, meanwhile, has become a battleground, supporters of various parties are waging a “brutal war” against each other, criticized Biden, who is currently ahead of polls for the presidential election on 3 November. The opposing party is no longer treated as opposition, but “treated as an enemy”. “That has to stop,” demanded Biden.

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