Nobody comes across the “Milky Way”

With a supercomputer bearing the unusual name “Milky Way 2”, the Chinese are currently the undisputed No. 1 of the ten fastest supercomputers in the world. After all, a German computer made the top ten.

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No one can get past “Milky Way 2” for the time being. For the fifth time in a row, the “Tianhe-2” supercomputer from China ranks first in the list of the world’s fastest supercomputers. Tianhe – in the German Milky Way – is in use at the University of Defense Technology in Guangzhou and expects 33,862 teraflops (billions of calculations) per second.

His immediate pursuer, the “Titan” at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States, should double his current achievement of 17,590 teraflops to drive his rival out of the country.

Juqueen from Jülich in the top ten

Germany is also among the top ten: the “Juqueen” computer system that IBM built for the Research Center Jülich ranks ninth. The supercomputer provides a computing power of 5008 teraflops.

The fastest computer system in Europe is located in Switzerland. In the Supercomputing Center (CSCS) in Lugano, the system is mainly available for research projects and, for example, weather forecasts. It currently ranks sixth in the rankings and has an output of 6271 teraflops.

Newcomers enter the top ten

As a newcomer, “Shaheen II” from Saudi Arabia finished seventh with an output of 5537 teraflops. The factory of the American manufacturer Cray is located at the University of Science and Technology in Jeddah. Japan still ranks among the top ten with its Fujitsu Riken facility. The Institute of Computer Science system achieves an output of 10,510 teraflops.

Five top ten places go to the United States

The remaining five positions in the top ten are occupied by factories in the United States: Titan from Cray ranks second at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (17,590 teraflops) and third is IBM’s Sequoia supercomputer at Livermore with 17,173 teraflops.

The United States is still the country that contributes the most computers to the Top 500 list, but the number of placements is decreasing. The current list includes 231 computer systems from the US, compared to 265 in November 2013.

Hewlett-Packard has toppled IBM

Computer manufacturer IBM has long dominated the list as a manufacturer. Hewlett-Packard now contributes 35.4 percent with 177 systems. IBM follows with 108 systems and 21.6 percent. The American manufacturer Cray has a share of 14.2 percent with 71 supercomputers.

The list of Top 500 The fastest computer is published every six months as part of the International Supercomputer Conference, which alternates between Germany and the United States, this time in Frankfurt am Main. The list goes back to the initiative of the computer scientist Hans Werner Meuer, Mannheim, who died in January 2014.

rank Place Names Processor cores Max. Power (Tflops)
1 National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou (China) Tianhe-2 3,120,000 33,868.7
2nd Oak Ridge National Laboratory (United States) titanium 560,640 17,590.0
3rd Livermore (USA) Sequioa 1,572,864 17,173.2
4th RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science AICS (Japan) K computer 705,024 11,280.4
5 Argonne National Laboratory (USA) Mira 786,432


6 Swiss National Supercomputing Center CSCS (Switzerland) Piz Daint 115,984 6,271.0
7 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia) Shaheen II 196,608 5,537.0
8th Texas Advanced Computing Center / University of Texas (USA) Stampede 462,462 5.168.1
9 Juelich Research Center (Germany) Juqueen 458,752 5,008.9
10th Livermore (USA) Vulcan 393,216 4,293.3

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