North Korea has warned locals of “yellow dust” flying from China. It has been warned that coronoviruses may also come with this dust. The BBC reported that Pyongyang’s roads were found deserted on Thursday after being warned.

Dust blowing from Mongolian and Chinese deserts in North Korea and South Korea at certain times of the year is known as yellow dust. It is mingling with toxic dust and health concerns have increased in both countries over the past few years. And this time Pyongyang fears that the coronovirus will be mixed with dust. However, it has not been confirmed whether there is any association between Kovid-19 and seasonal dust.

Although North Korea claims to be tax-free, the country has been on high alert since January. In addition to closing the border, restrictions have been placed on the movement.

A special weather bulletin broadcast on state-controlled Korean Central Television (KCTV) on Wednesday (October 21) warned of yellow dust the next day. Construction work outside the house was banned.

Various embassies in Pyongyang have also been warned. The Russian embassy said on its Facebook page that the North Korean Foreign Ministry had warned them and other diplomatic missions and international organizations. All foreign nationals are advised to stay home and keep their windows tightly closed.

Not only North Korea but also the Central Asian country Turkmenistan is in danger of spreading corona from dust. The people there have been instructed to wear masks.

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