North Rhine-Westphalia man dies in a fall

Another accident happened in the Tyrolean Alps: a 74-year-old hiker from Germany was killed in a fall. The area is a popular destination for family outings.

A man from North Rhine-Westphalia was fatally injured while hiking in the Tyrolean Alps. The 74-year-old fell to 1,770 meters above sea level on Friday afternoon, initially over a steep embankment and then over an almost vertical rock face, police said.

The hiker walked down the valley towards Traualpe with his wife and a friend in Tannheim near the German border. The trail is marked in red, which means that the mountain trail is classified as “moderately difficult”. The passages there are often narrow and steep.

Second death in a few days

A week earlier a 47-year-old German was also killed in the Austrian Alps. The woman and a friend went on a bicycle tour through the Karwendel Mountains and fell heavily there.

The hiking route from Vilsalpsee to Ober-Traualpe is a popular destination for families. The tourist office of Tannheimer Tal describes the walk as “not difficult, but a bit strenuous”. Visitors are encouraged to find out about site conditions prior to arrival and to stay on the marked hiking trails.

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