The German women’s biathlon team reached third place in the relay race in Finland. Now the second race had started. The Norwegians won – the DSV team just failed on the podium.

The German biathletes showed in the Finnish Kontiolahti at the first relay of the season that they are also strong opponents this winter. Denise Herrmann’s team secured third place there last weekend. Now the 4 x 6 kilometer relay for women was back in Hochfilzen.

The Norwegians won, followed by France (+24.5) and Sweden (+32.5). The Germans came just below fourth place (+32.7).

“It could not be better”

Maren Hammerschmidt was the first to run for the German women. She did well on the first shots, was fast and made no mistakes. She ran off the trail in sixth place. Hammerschmidt and the Norwegians were the first to finish the second shooting flawlessly. Both runners went back to the track almost simultaneously.

Hammerschmidt was the first to hand it over to Franziska Preuss and then lay exhausted in the snow. Former top biathlete and “ARD” expert Laura Dahlmeier said of her performance: “It was extremely strong, as the Maren showed. She worked really well on the shooting range and passed one. It couldn’t be better.”

Preuss made a mistake on the shooting range

Preuss also showed a perfect result on the first shot, hitting all five shots. In the second run it didn’t go so well, as Preuss had to reload and even go into the penalty loop. The leadership she’d left earlier was gone. She finished fifth and struggled to take third again. She handed it over to Janina Hettich as the third person and then said on “ARD”: “That bothers me a lot.”

The 24-year-old Hettich showed strong nerves and made no mistakes on the shooting range. She left the path behind the leading Norwegians. The second time, she missed only once and stayed in second place. However, she was overtaken on the track by the French Justine Braisaz-Bouchet.

Hettich with strong nerves

Hettich handed it over in third place to Denise Herrmann – who, like Preuss, also had to fight on the shooting range. She had to reload twice and came off the path third. Herrmann also had to reload three times in the second point and therefore give everything in the running. In the end it was fourth place. Hermann afterwards about “ARD”: “It didn’t work the way I wanted it. It just wasn’t enough.”

Franziska Preuss landed on Friday with only one shooting error third place in the women’s sprint in Hochfilzen.

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