On their way back from vacation, a Norwegian family stops at a town hall near Göttingen. When the man and his son left, the woman was not on board.

A Norwegian woman was abandoned by her husband and son in a parking lot along the highway near Göttingen. After visiting the toilet on Wednesday morning, the woman found that the two had left without her, police said.

The family went home with a pick-up from Spain. A customs officer who happened to be at the resting place took care of the abandoned woman and went looking. The car with the Scandinavian license plate was stopped about 50 kilometers to the north.

The two perpetrators would naturally have answered the police question about the woman’s whereabouts with “She sleeps in the backseat,” it said. Only after a second investigation did the man and son turn and notice their disappearance. The family was then reunited in the village of Mengershausen on the A7 – and, according to the police, took it “all over with humor”.

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