From Latin America to Europe, or from Africa to Asia-Middle East, whose military-commercial domination is worldwide; On this election day (3 November), the whole world is eyeing America. But every time we see who is going to be President, this time it is not happening. Because, even if one has to give up; Inconsistent Republican President Donald Trump has raised many doubts about this during the election campaign. This time everyone’s eyes are on the next uncertainty of the vote. Analysts are also skeptical of Trump’s peaceful transfer of power.

For the past six months, Trump has been suspicious of a peaceful transfer of power since the election. Offering postal vote (mail-in vote) as an excuse. Many people in the United States cannot vote in person because elections are on weekdays. Some people have trouble voting because they stay away from work to ensure the democratic rights of all such people in that country. There is a provision for sending ballot by post

This time, in the wake of the coronovirus epidemic, Democrats have taken a stronger stance in favor of the mail-in vote, but Trump has opposed it since the beginning. He took several steps to disrupt the mail-in vote on the pretext that the coalition could be rigged. Finally, the Department of Posts cut costs and made it clear that it had decided to block the postal vote. However, ignoring all odds, a record number of advance votes have been cast in this election. According to US broadcaster CNN, at least 98 million registered voters have already announced their decision by post. The total number of votes which is two-thirds of the 2016 election.

Trump could not block this large amount of votes by post. However, since the beginning of the election process, he has continued to do everything possible to debate the move until the moment before the vote. In August, he said that despite the election, the results may never be known due to the delay in the postal vote. If he loses the election in September in November, will he hand over power peacefully; He refused to make any promises in this regard. In his commentary, if defeated, we must first see what really happened.

At a rally in Arizona known as Battleground State on October 26 (Wednesday), Trump claimed that recent opinion polls show Biden is ahead of him. Supporters at the rally agreed with Trump’s demands. On Monday (2 November), British media outlet The Guardian on Saturday cited a report published on the news portal Axios, claiming that Trump could declare himself the winner if the November 3 election indicated “staying ahead” . The ruling president has denied the allegations. However he admitted that his numbers were not enough to defeat North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

According to the Supreme Court’s decision, those two states that are voting with a mail-in ballot will post their ballots before the election, but the ballots will not come on Tuesday. “I think it’s a terrible decision for our country,” Trump said. And I think it is a dangerous decision for our country too. Because, depending on how the votes end, where the ballots are counted, the results of one, two or three states may be known on that day and the world will have to wait for the rest. I think it is very scary. I fear that there may be a lot of fraud and abuse. I think the Supreme Court has taken a terrible decision. This is a terrible decision. “

Whatever Trump says, most Supreme Court judges are in favor of Trump. And Luis Dijoy, head of the Department of Posts, supported him. He is also a financier in the Republican camp. A new policy was considered in the Department of Posts under the leadership of D.J. These included removing all mailboxes, reducing delivery times, and shutting down sorting machines. Democrats feared it was an attempt to sabotage the election. He rescinded the decision to enact a new policy in the event of pressure.

However, an investigation by the British newspaper The Guardian found that a few days before the election, delivery of first-class letters from several cities in the state of Michigan, which was very important in determining the results, was slower than normal. The Guardian says the recession is due to new spending cuts. This delay in letter delivery, especially in Detroit, can be seen as a problem for the Democratic candidate and Joe Biden’s campaign party. However, the postal department has denied the allegations by The Guardian. The Postal Workers Union says that it is trying its best to deliver the postal ballot on time.

In the state of Michigan, Republican President Donald Trump won the previous election, but the difference of votes was only ten thousand. A Michigan judge recently ruled that postal ballots would not be counted if they arrived late. Even in the final week of the election, Detroit city postal officials could not reach nearly 70,000 postal votes. According to The Guardian, Trump’s former pandemic postmaster General Lewis Dejoy has delivered letters to the US postal system about 95 percent of the time this summer. However, new cost-cutting strategies have slowed the pace of letter delivery.

Trump has been saying from the outset that any vote received after the November 3 election would risk fraud. Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court ruled in three states by mail-in vote. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of extending the deadline in cases in Pennsylvania and North Carolina following the decision of an election official or state court. However, a federal court has refused to extend Wisconsin’s term.

But whatever the court says, Trump is saying that the delayed results mean fraud. However, experts and polling officials have dismissed Trump’s allegations, stating that it is not possible to implement fraud or conspiracy in the process. President Donald Trump himself has made regular use of this process. Nevertheless, owning a person is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Joseph E., two professors of political science at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Miami. Usinski and Casey Cliffstadt said in a comment to Newsweek. However, there are many people who have expressed such concern in this election. One reason for this is the change in the voting system due to the epidemic. This is a reduction in the cost of the postal department and a sudden drop in the cost of its services. And while the president himself and his close allies are reluctant to state their controversial positions on the issue, it is only natural that these concerns and apprehensions should increase. So whatever the outcome, bride, it will not be beyond doubt this time. And there is no point in delaying the results. ‘

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