“Nothing to do with the tip”

After the historically bad second half of the season, Schalke 04 is facing an uncertain new season. This is one of the reasons coach David Wagner is calling on supporters to face reality.

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Schalke’s head coach David Wagner has warned against the team’s expectations for the new season. “I have the feeling that not everyone has mastered our situation at the moment. There is still too much talk about how it used to be and how it all happened now,” said the coach of the Bundesliga club. Sports photo “. It’s now” just a matter of getting out of there “.

Schalke had accumulated just nine points in the previous second half and then announced a cutback course due to the Corona crisis. He also made mistakes in the 16-game series without a win, Wagner said.

Wagner admits mistakes: “It was not a good decision”

“It was not a good decision to put the boys who had not played for so long because of their injuries back into the first game immediately after the restart. They only had two weeks of training, no preparation game. I asked them too much and not. right, ”he said.

In general, we have to look more forward again. “There are people over 30 years of age who cannot understand that we have nothing to do with Bayern Munich and the clubs at the top at the moment. But that’s a fact,” Wagner said.

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