For weeks, Attila Hildmann has been releasing increasingly wilder and more questionable conspiracy myths and also seems offensive and aggressive. Now he has two uneven opponents: Dietmar Hopp and Anonymous.

The former TV chef Attila Hildmann seems to feel that his Telegram channel is also not a legal space: he is allowed to fabulize aliens and flying discs, he may fantasize about uploading all egos to the cloud, but he should not insult Dietmar Hopp. He seems to have been given a criminal warrant.

Hildmann must immediately delete a message from last Friday and declare that he will not repeat the comments about Hopp. This is evident from screenshots that Hildmann has distributed. At Chillreport’s request, the Dietmar-Hopp Foundation could not initially confirm or deny this on Thursday.

“Can’t believe billionaire is admonitioning me”

The Berliner probably didn’t expect this kind of headwind at all: “I can’t believe the German billionaire is maning me,” he wrote. Contrary to the request, he did not remove his insults and even repeated his choice of words. The rest was clarified by his lawyers. Literally he wrote: “Not only do you have that Diddi, I work more than you and have better!” Again, doubts may be justified.

Hildmann, who represents increasingly radical ideologies Reichsbürger and speaks of “love”, was with the restrictions in the Corona crisis driven. For him, it’s a project to oppress people, forced vaccinations with chip implants for everyone are forthcoming if he doesn’t save the world from it.

In logic, Hopp is also complicit – Hopp is an SAP founder – and the software company has significantly developed the Corona Warning app. Hopp is also involved with the biopharmaceutical company Curevac, which is allowed to test a vaccine on humans. The federal government and especially The Bill Gates Foundation are also investing in Curevac. Gates is the embodiment of evil for Hildmann, who, in addition to George Soros, is becoming increasingly anti-Semitic.

Hopp stated adrenochrom user

Hildmann wrote to his channel’s more than 60,000 subscribers with a photo of Dietmar Hopp that Hopp was a “disgusting Gates-Lump.” He chose a sexual insult, claiming that Hopp was “safe on Adronochrom too!”

The last point can be summed up in the lawyer’s post as follows: “Due to this abstruse accusation, you are obviously trying to give our client a bizarre idea (…) directly related to tortured children and/or Satanists.”

Adrenochrom is the center of a tangled conspiracy myth, to which Xavier Naidoo also adheres and worn by the QAnon movement: Children around the world would be held captive to draw from their blood for a satanic elite a supposed “rejuvenation drug”. In fact, Adrenochrom can be made in the laboratory, is available in online stores and has no rejuvenation effect.

Until now, celebrities had not responded to such absurd images and gangsters. But Hopp, financier of TSG Hoffenheim, has almost taken action against insults. For years he has been chasing football fans legally and with some difficulty, resenting his multimillion-dollar Hoffenheim and unflinchingly insulting him. For you, Hildmann is a very small caliber for those who engage in whole fan scenes.

Hildmann now seems to have the audacity that football fans can at least support him financially: he praises his drink brand for them. In physical retail, however, it is almost impossible to find after customer protests over Hildmann’s statements and appearance.

Anonymous hacks Hildmann

But the chef is not only legally heated: the Anonymous movement is also taking action against him – albeit in very different ways. People around the main German Anonymous account make his digital life difficult. First, they hacked into his company page. Then they investigated and published who belongs to the administrator team of a Telegram group around Hildmann.

Anonymous also managed to be included in the group among the administrators. Promptly, thousands of users were kicked out and internal chats posted. In addition, the network activists give the impression that they are following the car of the temporarily paranoid Hildmann with a radio station. It is unclear whether this is indeed the case. In the past, he has mainly taken action against surveillance, the police state and the rights to the internalEt. For Hildmann, it’s government roles.

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