Just three days before the election, former US President Barack Obama and this year’s candidate Joe Biden were spotted on a podium. Obama took part in Biden’s campaign in Pennsylvania and Michigan on Saturday, which is considered important in determining the outcome of the vote. The former president and vice president can be seen on one stage. This is the first time these two have been seen on the same platform in the upcoming election campaign.

Obama participated in Biden’s campaign in Flint, Michigan and Detroit.

“We’re going to get rid of this virus,” said Joe Biden of Flint. I’ll get it under control. But his first step would be to defeat Trump. “

Trump attended four rallies in Pelsvenia that day. Biden is still slightly ahead of Trump in the state.

In the last moments of the election campaign, both candidates are trying to win over the voters in the unstable northwestern states. Voting in these states can play a big role in winning and losing elections.

The latest opinion polls so far have Joey Biden ahead of Trump. However, in some states the difference is very small. The voters of these states have a big role in determining the final result.

Meanwhile, more than eight and a half million voters have already cast their votes. Of these, five and a half crore have cast their votes by post. Overall, this is the highest turnout in United States history in the last century.

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