Obstacle Ace Gesa Krause ends the athletics season

Berlin (dpa) – World-class runner Gesa Krause has canceled her athletics season prematurely due to exhaustion.

Almost three weeks after the German championships in Braunschweig, in which third place in the world championship had been given up in the 3000 meter obstacle race, the 28-year-old announced her decision via Instagram.

“The year 2020 will remain in my memory forever, and I am certainly not the only one who has experienced this,” wrote the German record holder. The cancellation of the Olympics turned her life upside down. “For now I can only say that the past 23 months have been exhausting and I have used up all my energy.” In the past nearly two years, she has only had 14 days off.

The German title fights were an emotional blow, she admitted. But she has no doubts about her potential. “Rather, it is my dream to grow beyond myself, to work on myself and realize my dream of an Olympic medal next year,” said the Frankfurt native. For this reason, she decided to “end the 2020 season and give me a break and a creative break”.

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