Olaf Scholz said on a TV show that he doesn’t feel like he’s rich. This met with a lot of criticism – with an income of more than 15,000 euros per month. Now the Vice Chancellor has justified his statement.

Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) called himself a “very good earner” on Twitter. The finance minister and the SPD candidate for chancellor responded Sunday evening to criticism of a statement in the ARD report from Berlin. Scholz had said in an interview there, “I deserve quite a bit, I wouldn’t feel rich.” Countless internet users saw it differently. Scholz, who – without bonuses – earns more than 15,000 euros per month, can be labeled as rich, according to comments.

The SPD politician wrote on Tuesday evening: “To clarify my position, as Vice Chancellor I am one of the very good earners in our country – everyone can read how well.” And further: “And also that we want higher rates for very good earners. So also for me. Because it is fair. As a candidate for chancellor I stand for that.”

In the comments to his tweet, a debate broke out about social justice and the economic situation in Germany. At the end of August, Scholz had announced tax increases for more earners in the event of an election victory.

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