Andreas Wecker did gymnastics at the Olympics for both the GDR and the FRG and collected a number of medals. Now, long after his career, the horizontal bar specialist is creating renewed sensation with a confession.

Rather than take it himself, Olympic champion Andreas Wecker, as a teenager, sold the GDR doping drug Turinabol assigned to him at the Berlin scene club “13” in Hohenschönhausen as a teenager.

World champion horizontal bar lives in the USA.

“For this I got 200 points from a man who was barely recognizable two months later because he was so fat,” said the 50-year-old looking back in the “Sport Bild” interview.

According to Wecker, he feared that by consuming the blue tablets, he would lose the body feeling that is important to an artistic gymnast. The former world champion high bar has lived in Bend / Oregon (USA) for twelve years and runs the company “Andreas Seed Oils”, which presses, bottles and sells health-promoting vegetable germ oils.

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