The Democratic presidential candidate is confident that he will win the election. However, he does not expect a decision anytime soon.

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has shown confidence. “We think we are on track to win this election,” Biden told cheering supporters in Wilmington, Delaware. The election is not over until every vote is counted. “We knew it would take a long time, but we feel good where we are now.”

The Democrats brought in Arizona and are still well in the running for Georgia’s votes, Biden said. “And we didn’t expect that.” He also pointed out that the results would not be in by Wednesday morning (time on the US east coast, afternoon in Germany).

“Rest assured, we will win this,” said Biden in his short speech, thanking his supporters for their patience.

The choice is extremely close at the moment. So far none of the candidates has been able to obtain a majority. A landslide victory, as previously hoped by Biden’s supporters, will apparently not take place.

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