The skirmishes between Azerbaijan and Armenia on the Karbakh issue have displaced over 130,000 people. A statement from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Wednesday.

The statement said that eight schools and kindergartens have been damaged since the conflict began. An obstetric hospital was also opened.

Regular rocket and missile strikes in civilian areas are having a psychological effect on children. Children are getting scared.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan said on Wednesday that Armenia had carried out a missile attack on an Azeri village on the Karabakh border. At least 21 people died. However, Armenia has denied the allegations.

The two conflicting states accepted a third US-Brocade cease-fire on Sunday (October 25) in the wake of a two-point Russian-Bruker truce. However, like the previous two points, the two countries rejoined the war within minutes of accepting the cease-fire proposal. The two accused each other of assault before breaking the contract.

On Wednesday night, a spokesman for the Azerbaijan government claimed that Armenia was continuing its missile attacks, targeting various densely populated areas of Azerbaijan. The attack killed 21 people in an area near Nagorno-Karbakh. At least 60 people were injured. He is admitted to the local hospital. According to UNICEF, conflict has had a devastating effect, especially on the minds of children.

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