Apparently a dispute has escalated in Halle: someone allegedly shot in the air. As a result, a baby is injured. The investigation has not yet been completed.

After an argument between several people in Halle, the police investigate assault and predatory extortion. Police in Halle announced on Tuesday that Monday night’s dispute, in which a few weeks old baby was injured, was about money. More than 200 police officers were on duty. The exact background is unclear and needs to be determined further.

According to the initial findings, several people had initially verbally collided with each other on Monday evening. Then someone would have shot in the air. According to the police, no cartridge cases or a firearm have yet been found.

Baby is only a month old

A one month old baby was injured in the fight. It was in the pram when it fell over and the child fell out. The mother was probably not involved in the dispute, a police spokeswoman said. The child was also in hospital on Tuesday.

More than 200 police officers were reportedly on duty in the evenings, recording tracks and interviewing witnesses. Three temporarily arrested men have been released because police said there were no grounds for detention. In addition, it remains to be determined which of the people found at the crime scene were involved in the incident.

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