One third of Germans believe in ‘secret powers’

Conspiracy theories are especially popular in the Corona crisis: now an investigation has yielded figures on how many Germans believe in secret powers.

According to a recent study, conspiracy theories are well received by the population. Nearly a third of those surveyed believe that secret powers rule the world as probably correct (19 percent) or certainly correct (11 percent), as shown by a representative survey published Sunday by Infratest dimap for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung .

In contrast, there are 62 percent who believe that this thesis is probably wrong (27 percent) or absolutely wrong (35 percent). The rest didn’t want to make a decision or answer. 3,250 eligible voters were surveyed between October 2019 and February this year.

Belief in a world controlled by secret powers is less widespread among respondents with higher education. About one in five people with a college degree or high school diploma think the statement is likely (15 percent each) or certainly correct (4 percent or 5 percent).

However, of respondents with less than 10 years of school and a completed internship, more than 40 percent answered “probably right” (20 percent) or “definitely correct” (22 percent). Of the respondents with less than ten school years and without a completed internship, a similar number said “probably correct” (22 percent), but significantly fewer said “absolutely correct” (11 percent).

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