Stuttgart (AP) – Two French Open doubles winners Andreas Mies and Kevin Krawietz have set a new goal after their previous successes.

“That is our big goal to become number one in doubles”, said Mies (30) in the ZDF “Sportstudio” in view of the tennis world ranking: “We are working hard for that. I am full of good cheer and hope. that it will ever happen. “

The Cologne and Coburg Krawietz, two years younger, triumphed in October, just like in 2019, in the double competition of the French Open. Mies criticized the fact that the prize money in the doubles – for example compared to the individual winner Rafael Nadal in Paris – is significantly lower. “I mean, it’s one tenth of the prize money per unit,” he said. It’s okay for the individual players to earn more, but it’s disproportionate: “You have to think about whether you can do something about it.”

The distribution of prize money in tennis has been an issue time and again in the coronavirus crisis, also because there is little to be earned at the lower tournament level and players have run into financial difficulties.

Krawietz and Mies have also qualified for the ATP Finals of the eight best doubles matches from November 15-22 in London this season. In the world rankings they currently occupy place 18 (Krawietz) and 19 (Mies), both of whom were already in the top ten.

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