Opposition attorney arrested by masked men

Another member of the Belarusian opposition is said to have been arrested by unknown persons. Lawyer Maxime Snak was on his way to the opposition headquarters, but never got there.

According to his supporters, opposition lawyer Maxime Snak has been arrested in Belarus by “masked men”. According to those around him, Snak was expected in the office of the Opposition Coordination Council on Wednesday morning, but never got there.

The RIA news agency reported that Snak had been taken into custody by the state commission of inquiry. According to the Sputnik Belarus news portal, a lawyer for the opposition member said Snak’s apartment had been searched. The Interfax agency reported, citing opposition confidants, that men in plain clothes had taken Snak out of his office. The office of imprisoned opposition politician Viktor Babariko was also searched.

The group posted a photo of Snak on Telegram’s online service, taken by masked men; the lawyer was one of the last two members of the Coordination Council still at large in Belarus.

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