Kyrgyzstan, the anti-government, has seized power in a movement demanding the cancellation of disputed parliamentary elections. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports that Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov resigned on Tuesday after the results were announced by the Election Commission. Opposition leader Sadir Zhaparov has been released. Just hours after his release, he took over as acting Prime Minister.

In the capital, Bishkek, Prime Minister Boronov and parliamentary speaker Dastan Zumbekov resigned in a meeting with MPs on Tuesday, the report said.

On the same day, in an emergency session of Parliament, the opposition appointed House Zaparov as acting Prime Minister as the founder of the Mikhenchil Party. He lost the disputed election.

Earlier on Tuesday, protesters released him from jail. He was jailed for 11 years and 6 months in 2013 for holding a government official hostage. Several other politicians were also released along with him.

Kyrgyzstan of the former Soviet republic held parliamentary elections on Sunday. Named Supreme Council, this parliament has 120 seats. According to the law of the country, seats are distributed among political parties according to the votes received in elections. However, to win a seat in Parliament, a party must receive at least seven percent of the vote.

The results of Sunday’s election showed that only four out of 16 parties met the minimum requirements for parliamentary seats. Three of these parties are again closely associated with President Saronbai Zinbakov. Two of these parties received 25 percent of the vote. International observers say the demand for vote buying and intervention in the country’s elections is “credible” and a cause for serious concern. After that, large-scale protests began in various cities, including the capital Bishkek.

Kyrgyzstan election officials have canceled the results of parliamentary elections amid widespread opposition. In addition to being locked in a clash with the police at night, protesters demanding a new election in Parliament House on several stages. According to the country’s Health Ministry, hundreds of people were injured in the protests. In the wake of the protests, President Saronbay Zinbakov accused some political forces of trying to illegally seize power. The country’s election administration announced the cancellation of the election results on Tuesday.

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