Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has voted before the US presidential election. He said this in a post on Twitter on Tuesday.

“I had already voted,” Harris wrote in a tweet. did you pay? ‘

A colleague of Kamala Harris said that Kamala and her husband Douglas Ehmoff voted via email on Monday.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump also voted in advance.

Although November 3 is the date of voting, the United States has the opportunity to vote in advance by email, post, or in person at a polling station.

Trump cast his vote Saturday in a library adjacent to Mar Mar, his resort located in West Palm Beach, Florida. However, Kamala Harris did not have to go to any center to vote in the email.

There has been a record increase in early voting due to the Corona epidemic. Six crore 20 lakh voters have already cast their votes in this election. This number is one crore 20 lakh more than in 2016.

According to a survey by NBC News Decision Desk / Target Smart, the number of advance votes in the United States will reach 9 to 10 million this time. In other words, so many people will vote in advance before 3 November.

Five crore votes were cast in advance in the 2016 elections. However, if NBC’s estimate is correct, this time the number will double. In unstable states, early voting rates have increased significantly. A large number of voters have also announced their decision in the mail. In many states, Trump and Hillary Clinton have received more votes than last time. Analysts believe that irregular voters are interested in the election, this time to prevent Trump from winning the Democrats.

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