Order thanks to tabs – browser: Google releases Chrome 85

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Google is expanding tab organization capabilities in Chrome. Tabs cannot be grouped alone as before. The tabs of the individual groups can now also be expanded and collapsed together to keep the navigation area uncluttered.

But that’s not the only innovation that the new version 85 of the Chrome browser brings: Google has also been working on the PDF functionality. Until now, PDF documents could already be displayed in the browser. Now it is also possible to directly fill in form fields and save the PDF with these changes.

A tab preview is now included in the new beta version of Chrome: when you move the mouse over a tab, a small preview image opens with the contents of that tab. This function could then be regularly available from version 86 of the browser.

If you can’t discover the new features yet, then you have to be patient. Google emphasizes that stability when using the browser takes precedence, and therefore new features are sometimes not immediately distributed across the board across all Chrome installations.

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