Paire cannot explain himself with a positive corona test

New York (AP) – French tennis pro Benoît Paire has no explanation for his positive corona test. “I arrived here, I entered the bubble like everyone else and I couldn’t get out. What happened? I don’t know,” Paire said in a social media post.

The 31-year-old tested positive for Covid-19 on Saturday and was excluded from the US Open two days before the tournament started. Another test on Monday was negative, Paire said. The number 23 in the world is allowed until at least Tuesday. do not leave his hotel room. “I’m fine, I have and haven’t had any symptoms,” said Paire. “It’s hard to understand. A positive test, a negative test. But those are the rules. We knew that. If you test positive, you are out of the tournament.”

The Grand Slam tournament in New York is held under strict hygiene and safety requirements. The professionals and their supervisors live in a so-called bubble and are only allowed to move between the hotels and the complex. Paire plans to fly directly to Rome from New York next week for the clay tournament there and then undergo further testing.

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