The defeat of US President Donald Trump is a relief for Palestinians in Israeli occupation. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s special envoy Nabil Shat made the remark on Sunday. Turkey’s state news agency Anadolu Agency reported.

Nabil Shat says the Trump administration was the worst for the Palestinians. “For us, it’s about getting rid of Trump,” he said. However, we do not expect much change in US policy and the situation towards the Palestinians.

Anan Ashravi, a senior member of the PLO executive committee, called on the US to balance US policy.

Palestine National Initiative Secretary-General Mustafa Bargouti expressed satisfaction with the results of the US election. He says that Trump was the worst president in modern history. In his words, Trump has ruined international relations and politics. The so-called best deal of the century was his worst initiative for the Palestinians.

The Mujahideen movement, part of the Palestinian resistance movement, says Trump has betrayed the Palestinians and the people of his own country, causing the entire system to collapse.

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