There will be a party conference for the left in Erfurt in October. But this time Katja Kipping will include the election of the party leadership. The 42-year-old has decided not to run anymore.

Katja Kipping will no longer participate in the upcoming election of the left-wing party leadership. Various media report this. Kipping is said to have expressed her plans in a letter to her party. She was born in Dresden and has been at the helm since 2012 together with Bernd Riexinger.

“Today I make it clear that I will work passionately as party chairman until the party congress, but will not become party chairman again in Erfurt,” the letter said.

Kipping continues: “I would like to continue to take responsibility for new left-wing majorities – but out of respect for democracy within the party, for our statutes no longer as party chairman.” By this the 42-year-old means that the left have determined in their statutes that no party position may be held for more than eight years. However, this is more of a recommendation than a hard and fast rule. But Kipping adheres to this recommendation. Riexinger is expected to do the same.

She did not say exactly how Kipping plans her future. She talked about “starting something new”.

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