A fight for a cafe in Rhineland-Palatinate calls the police. Officials want to arbitrate, but the situation is escalating.

Two police officers were injured in an argument outside a pub, one of them seriously. According to a press release, officials were called up to a fight in front of a restaurant in Andernach, Rhineland-Palatinate Saturday night. Five people would have hit another there.

In an attempt to resolve the dispute, the police banned four men. But they did not go away. The situation continued to escalate and the officers were attacked by several men. According to a spokesman, the police also used a taser. One of the officers was then repeatedly kicked in the head and seriously injured. He had to be taken to a hospital intensive care unit.

The second officer was slapped in the face. The suspects initially fled. Two of them, a 29-year-old and a 28-year-old, were taken into custody a little later.

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